Hello world!

Hi everyone, I’m Rick Donnelly, the solo developer of Pixelstar Hero: a sci-fi roguelike with some nifty base building tactics thrown in for good measure!. Got to stand out in that rogue crowd, it can’t be Pixel Dungeon reskinned if you want to make a buck.

Now that development is fully underway, it’s time to get some traction by showing it to the general rabble, and what better way to brag about my spectacular coding skills and clearly impeccable artistic talent than to start a WordPress site, complete with a nice, generic template!

I’m currently trying to scrub off the nonsense and fill in the blanks for this wonderful web experience, then I will stuff it full of lovely screenshots and gamey goodness, along with some video fun.

I’ll need to get social media up and running as well – it’s hard to flip on all the light switches simultaneously when you work alone. Ultimately, I need to get up on Steam with a nice preview page as well. That’s what all the cool kids are doing.

More to come!